C) Historic Library

Lyttelton's historic library was the oldest in the Canterbury region and originally established in 1851 as a reading room for the settlers in the house of John Godley - whose house stood behind this site. As the library grew larger it was relocated several times until it ended up at this address in 1978.

The building dated back to the 1860s and also served as a fire station for a period of time. The library remained in this location till 1999 when it was relocated further along London Street where it still remains. 

The building up hill across the road, built in a similar style (number 1 Sumner road) served as Council Chambers for the town. This building can be seen in the third photo on this page.  

Sadly both these buildings were damaged beyond repair during the earthquake in February 2011 and demolished.    

If you turn towards London Street (west), on the right corner you will be facing the former site of the Queens Hotel (now Port Talk). It was here that the great fire of Lyttelton in 1870 began, damaging around two-thirds of the town. 

C) Historic Library