D) Lyttelton School

The first school in Lyttelton called Lyttelton Borough School and was built in 1875. This school was built on the grounds next to and below the town's Gaol. 

Just over 10 years later in 1887, a smaller school was opened across town on Voelas Road which developed into Lyttelton West School. This school saw roughly 200 children attend over the first few years. 

Back by the Gaol, In 1903 a secondary department was opened at Lyttelton Borough School for older students. Unfortunately by the end of 1940, the high school ceased to exist. In 1941, the Canterbury Education Board requested that the name of the school be changed. This marked the beginning of Lyttelton Main School. 

The old brick building was demolished, and while the new building was being built, classes were held in other buildings around Lyttelton including the historic Colonists Hall (later demolished in 1943) and the rooms used by the Holy Trinity Sunday school.   

"The Lyttelton Main" completed in 1943 consisted of two parts. The lower rooms were for younger children aged between 5 and 8 years old, and the upper rooms were designed for intermediate aged students. 

1950 marked 75 years of schooling in Lyttelton.  This was celebrated by about 900 former students gathering at the school to discuss and reminisce about their experiences. 

 After the earthquake that struck the Canterbury region in 2011, it was decided that The Lyttelton Main would be demolished. In 2016 a new modern school was built and opened where you stand now and was named Lyttelton Primary School.  

D) Lyttelton School