E) Historic Lyttelton gaol (jail)

Just before the school, you can find Lyttelton's historic gaol .

Opened in 1852, the Lyttelton prison held up to 300 of the worst criminals from around the South Island and included 29 cells for female prisoners.   

The prison was built by the prisoners themselves, and the hard labour gang built many of the roads and stone walls around the town. They were also responsible for building the quarantine station found on Quail Island.  

Between 1868 and 1918 seven men were hanged inside the prison. 

It was closed and demolished in the early 1920s when another prison was opened up. However some of the preserved cells can still be viewed by walking up towards the clock tower.

Outside of school hours you can climb the gaol steps halfway, across the grassy area, and climb some more steps where you will find the cells. During school hours, continue up Oxford Street pass the Gaol Steps and continue up the street past the playground and skatepark. On the other side, you will come to a long ramp-like path. At the end of the path turn right and climb some stairs where you find the cells.    


You can find more information on the women of the Lyttelton Gaol here

E) Historic Lyttelton gaol (jail)