The Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Holy Trinity Church, the original church on the site, was consecrated in 1860 and built using red volcanic rock from Lyttelton, sandstone from Quail Island and supported by timber. 

Considered the oldest stone church in the Canterbury region, Holy Trinity suffered damaged during the September 2010 earthquake, had walls collapse during the February 2011 earthquake, and completely collapsed during the June 2011 earthquake. 

St Saviours, consecrated in 1885, was an important church for the township and was the church that famous Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his team worshipped in before their expeditions to the south pole. This building was a repurpose building and was relocated from Simeon Quay  

St Saviours was later moved to the grounds of Cathedral Grammar school in Christchurch. 


In 2013, St Saviours was divided into sections and transported back to Lyttelton and re-settled on the historic location. Old timber from St Saviours was used during the restoration and the church still possesses the historic organ brought over from England.  

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church