I) Dr Upham's house

Dr. Charles Upham served the Lyttelton community for over 50 years and was the uncle to the famous New Zealand war hero of the same name. 

Dr. Upham was remembered fondly and was considered incredibly generous. He provided devoted attention to his patients, many of whom could not or struggled to pay for his service. 

The humanitarian doctor was also known to treat and check the health of the men suffering from leprosy located on Quail Island.  

In his free time, Dr. Upham had a passion for water-colour painting some of which can be found online and was known to go everywhere with a dog called Billy. 

Dr. Upham is remembered and honoured in the township through the Upham Memorial Clock Tower found near the historic goal. 

**Please be aware and respect that Dr. Upham's house is a private home** 

I) Dr Upham's house