St Saviour’s Chapel

The church has three foundation stones. Consecrated as a seafarers’ church in 1885, St Saviour’s West Lyttelton was designed in sections by Cyril Mountefort.

Robert Falcon Scott, his crews from Discovery and Terra Nova, and generations of seafarers worshipped here.

After years of falling rolls, the church was moved, in sections, over Evans Pass to Cathedral Grammar School, Christchurch, in 1976.

Its altar is in Scott Base’s Chapel of the Snows, Antarctica.

Holy Trinity Church,1852, rebuilt in 1860, was the oldest stone church in Canterbury, one of three Lyttelton churches destroyed by earthquakes in 2011.

St Saviours came home to Lyttelton in 2013 and was re-erected on the Trinity site.


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St Saviour’s Chapel

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